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Theradome PRO LH80 laser helmet

In Stock
In stock

Using patented and proprietary laser technology, Theradome is the only LPT mfg. to make our own laser, resulting in the most powerful LPT device per treatment on the market today, regarless of the number of lasers. Treatments are self timed, with verbal feedback and an automatic treatment counter. The PRO LH80 is a robust device, with lasers rated for 18,000 treatments (90yrs) and a low cost of ownership (battery $50) every 2-3 yrs. An extended warranty "DomeCare" is available to the end user, (3 years total including accidental breakage and battery/component replacement if needed).

Includes the Theradome PRO LH80, Foam Fitting Pads, Protective Bag, AC Adapter, User Instructional Manual, and Getting Started Card.

 Medical grade lasers, effective and safe

 4/5 hair loss professionals recommend Theradome

 Results appear in 4 weeks with noticable shedding reduction

 Hygienic, easy to clean and user friendly

 Cordless, hands free, one size fits all

20min treatment 2x/wk