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SMART Yoga Mat (Green)

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In stock

It is a great way to get in a quick workout, whether at home or on the go. There are times when you don’t want to commit to a class, or when you’re short on time. That’s where the Smart Yoga Mat comes in! These mats come with built-in self-guided instructions that tell you what to do. You simply follow the core and stretching workout on the mat, and you’ll have your workout done for the day.

The mat has 14 core exercises printed on one side and 14 stretching poses on the other side. The exercises are all easy to follow and don’t require any additional equipment. Making it easy to fit fitness into your busy schedule. The stretching poses are also a great way to loosen up after a workout or just to relax. The 14 Core Exercises and 14 Stretching Exercises can help improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility. Plus, the Smart Yoga Mat is easy to transport and store, so you can take your mat with you wherever you go.


  • Mat features a durable, non-slip surface
  • Exercises are simple and can be done anywhere
  • Mat comes with convenient carrying strap
  • Mat is 6-ft long by 2-ft wide.