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Echo RO™ (Reverse Osmosis)

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In stock

The Echo RO™ is a robust, at-home reverse osmosis water filtration system that gives you truly clean and great-tasting drinking water straight from your faucet. But what makes the Echo RO™ so special? While all reverse osmosis systems have a membrane filter, the Echo RO™ has a complex four-filter system that works to filter out more impurities and give you even cleaner water.

Not sure if having four different filters is necessary? You may be surprised at what’s lurking in your drinking water, and the more you can filter out, the better. Just take a look at the different impurities the Echo RO™ filters out, and you may find yourself wanting to feel more confident about the water you drink at home.

Four-Step Filtration System

The Echo RO™ has a robust and extremely effective four-step filtration system. As water enters the Echo RO™, it first goes through the Spun PP filter, followed by a carbon block filter, then the RO Membrane, and finally the Post Activated Carbon Filter. Each filter is designed to remove specific impurities from your water, and trust us, once you learn exactly what these filters remove from your water, you’re not going to want to drink anything else.